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11-10-2012, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by SoundAndFury View Post
They were allowed to stay at their teams.

Lithuania is missing 10 players or more so basically the roster for this tournament is Lithuania's B team. Every player who is established NT member, has nothing to prove and would have to travel to Lithuania (that's really expensive from, lets say, Kazakhstan) was allowed not to come. Armalis and Katulis are the only ones who for some reason did it anyway.

Players playing on the first line in this tournament like Zidkovas or Kuliesius would be a 4th liners in the WC team if everyone was available.
Ok so basically they just didn't want to travel for training camp or whatever? I just thought it was odd since they always play in the WC's. I'm local to the team they play for and I often line their games.

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