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Originally Posted by Sivek View Post
Hey, I'm not condemning Farnham and the way he plays. If he show a bit more discipline he can be guy worth having around and playing regularly. Players with his play-style are fun to watch but having seen enough minor league hockey, the Farnham type of player will always be disproportionately popular for what he brings to the team. I'd say it's partially because this type of player is in it the long-run with his minor league team, with not a lot of chances for a NHL career and thus gains a sense of continuity with the fans and town and partially because it's fun to watch guys go all-out and play hard. I'd bet if I did a run-down of each AHL/ECHL/CHL (Central Hockey League) franchise, the 3 most popular players in their histories would be made up of 2 extreme agitators for every sincerely good player. That's not a knock on the player or the fan but just is how it is.

It's great when he runs the goalie and starts **** with the other team, but more often than not, especially as these types of players gain notoriety in the league, that type of play will start resulting in penalties to just Farnham and similar situation where coincidental minors would be handed out will end up just being penalties to agitator. Just look at how Matt Cooke has been ref'd since his change of style. He had a ton of phantom penalties for being Matt Cooke and being around a scrum.

I know what the CHL is, but those guys bring fans to the games. Minor league teams need fans.

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