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11-10-2012, 06:46 PM
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The value of a Hart Trophy...

I am not really knocking the award in recent years. Yet in reading about Maurice Richards legacy I have heard he only won one award...

Which now that I really look into it, why is Maurice regarded as such an elite legend when he only won the Hart once. Then i heard that it was because he was a French Canadian that he the men who selected the winner was biased. Understandable thought, one that I believed for a while until i looked into each year... His entire career, very limited amount of times has he been in the top scoring.

Even when he scored 50 goals, someone did better lol. But then there was even times when I dont even think he deserved to be on the first all star team and he was still selected even when he wasnt in the top 15 scoring.

Then going on further, I looked at a few guys who won the Hart Trophy that I did not at all understand how... Gordie Howe and Maurice were #1 and #2 in scoring.. Yet Ted Lindsay won it that year and he was #6 or 7.

How in 1952 53, Gordie put up 83 pts in 70 games... maurice was behind him and yet the Al rollins won the award as a goalie!
Al rollin was one of the worse goalies that year lol and his team was bottom of the standings

Its a long time ago so many of us forgot it and the media attention back then was no where near to todays standard so i want to bring it back to discussion to understand this and maybe choose the real winners.

Also, with though I respect Maurices accomplishments, his longetivity, his character, his goal scoring and leadership... is he really a top 5, top 10 all time player?

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