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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
I see Biddle's ETA as 2014 sometime. Best case, he tears up AA this year and gets a few spot starts in the bigs. Worst case (hopefully), we see him in 2015 after a full season in AAA.

I think May and Colvin are destined for the bullpen. Just way too many walks to be successful starting. May you would have to think would be pretty good out of the pen. His strikeout numbers over 150 are very good. Uptick in already good stuff would really help out of the pen. Ideally you want him to start, but he's really going to have to show some improvement in the control department pretty soon to avoid the inevitable. Colvin is running out of chances to be a starter. Really good stuff, but had nearly a .300 batting average against over 130 innings. I don't think there is any chance he is a starter beyond this season.

Ethan Martin is another guy in the same boat. Way too many walks. Good strikeout numbers. Very good BA against. He's got a chance to remain a starter, but again needs to show some improvement in the control department soon. His ETA is 2014 IMO. Maybe next year if he shows well or is moved to the pen.

Pettibone is the opposite of the other 3. Not overpowering, good control. Walk rate went up with his AAA promotion, but that's expected. Looks like a #5 starter. Amaro mentioned him at his end of the year presser which tells me they like him. Spot starter in 2013 IMO.

Julio Rodriguez has already moved to the pen. Good strikeout numbers. A lot of walks. Fly ball pitcher.

Bonilla was put on the fast track this year. Wouldn't be shocked to see him at the end of this year. Big time strikeout pitcher. No one hits him. Just needs a little polish.

Adam Morgan had a very good first season of pro ball. Another lefty starter who will remain that. Very good control. Ground ball pitcher. Really good changeup. Another guy Amaro spoke of highly. #3 starter upside. Late 2014 ETA.

Austin Wright is another lefthanded starter from the 2011 draft. He's a step behind Morgan but had a heck of a first season himself. Decent strikeout and walk numbers. Very good groundball rates. Gets hit around a bit, but a back of the rotation kind of guy.

Kyle Simon is a guy they got in the Jim Thome trade. He was a starter in the Baltimore origination. They immediately moved him to the bullpen and he was awesome. Crazy sinkerballer. Groundball rate near 5 in his minor league career. Decent strikeout numbers, no one hit him, and he didn't walk anyone either. Looks like he is starting in the AZL and the results aren't good. Intriguing guy though.

Seth Rosin they got in the Hunter Pence deal. Didn't pitch much after the trade. Big right hander with potential. Already 24 though and hasn't pitched above high-A. They obviously like something about him though.

Gueller and Watson were their first rounders this year. A long ways off.

Overall, their pitching prospects are intriguing. Aside from Biddle, the starters are of the low end variety, but most every guy on this list has great stuff. Raw but great stuff. I think in a couple of years, our bullpen is going to be very good. Which is part of the reason I wouldn't go out signing relievers to crazy contracts this offseason. These guys combined with guys like Diekman, Aumont, De Fratus won't all pan out, but the odds are that some of them will and will make a big impact.

Tommy Joseph is the top position prospect. Didn't have the year many thought he would and he's struggling in the AZL. Has showed slight improvement in his walk rate in a small sample size. Hopefully its just a long season taking its toll. Next year is a big year for him. ETA 2014.

Larry Greene was last year's first rounder. Big power potential. Walks a lot. Strikeout a ton. Plays LF but probably a 1st baseman in the future. Long ways off. Hasn't even played full season ball yet.

Sebastian Valle was the catcher of the future. More like the backup of the future now. He's got pop, but does not walk at all which severely limits his offensive upside. Pretty good behind the plate. Still not a bad thing if he only turns out to be a career backup. That's still valuable. Cameo this year but 2014 ETA.

Cesar Hernandez is a nice little player. Similar to Freddy Galvis. Decent hitter, with a little extra base pop. Decent fielder. Can steal a few bags. Don't know if he'll be an everyday player, but a utility guy is a possibility. ETA 2014.

Roman Quinn had a very good debut this year. Very fast, patient, and a decent hitter. Looks like the prototypical leadoff hitter. Plays SS now but could move to 2B or CF to really take advantage of his speed. Will look forward to his full season debut next year. ETA 2016.

Mitchell Walding is one of the trio of SS's they took in 2011. They moved him to 3b. Has some potential. Long ways off though.

Cody Asche had a very good first season of pro ball as most of you know. Ripped all year. Showed some pop in AA. Pretty good fielder. If he can continue to hit for a high average, he might be a nice guy to hit in the 2 hole. Could see him late this year. 2014 more likely.

If Maikel Franco is really 20 years old, he could potentially be a big time player. Has pop, decent approach, good fielder. As he matures, he's only going to get stronger. I could see this kid having a breakout year this year. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Tyson Gillies had a nice year. Not the prospect he once was but could still become a role player. He doesn't steal bases at the clip he used to.

Again, no can't miss guys amongst the hitters, but they have some guys that could fill out different roles and they have some young kids that have potential who are a few years away from making an impact.
Thank you for the scouting report.

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