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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
Who led the league in goals last season, Stamkos I believe? Malkin won the Hart though because Malkin was simply a more valuable player to his team (which made the playoffs unlike Stamkos', something that I think needs to be a requirement in most cases).

Now in my opinion the Hart should have gone to Jon Quick who was even more integral to getting his team into the playoffs (they honestly would've missed based on how they played up to the trade deadline if not for Jon Quick). It's not the best player always, just the one judged to be very good and also the most important to his team.

Btw would be nice if we could give this a hockey related name like the Gretzky trophy (he won it 9 times).
My point was that the NHL Hart Trophy is a sham lol. How did some of these guys win this award when they were not even close to be a valuable player for their team... How did Ted Lindsay win a Hart Trophy when he was #7 in points, when Gordie DESTROYED that year and Maurice was right behind him. Him and Gordie both played on the same team but there saying Lindsay was more valuable. I could understand if someone stated that his mere presence that year was too valuable to the team even though stats dont show it, with proof though.

But then how can you explain Rollin winning the award being #6 ranked goalie that year out 6 goalies lol while Gordie put up 93 points and led the Red Wings into first place

I understand that GOALS do not proclaim your the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER but points kind of do. Malkin won the award this year because beyond injuries to Jordan Staal and Sidney Crosby he led the Penguins to a stellar record. Without Malkin, one can proclaim that the Pens would have missed the playoffs.

Quick also had a great season but what bout lundqvist? Without Quick, no playoffs for the Kings but maybe same faith for the Rangers who basically owe their success all to to the King

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