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11-10-2012, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
No way... every year. This is a club match...

Do it like Soccer

4 years Olympics
4 years World Cup
4 years Europ Cup
Every year Champions League
Every year Super Cup


Every 4 years Winter Olympics
Every 4 years rotating on that is World Cup of Hockey by the NHL
Every year do a WJC
Every year do a WC

For club level do every year Champions league...
I could live with your proposal, but I think it would be too much for the NHL in regards to participation & might be over saturating the hockey world with tournaments & championships.

If you do Olympics & World Cup every 4 years but rotating so they are 2 years apart, the best would be then to fill the other two years in every 4 year cycle with a Champion's League. The reasoning behind this is the NHL would only have to focus on 1 major tourney every year, which is probably more appealing to them. If you make the CL every two years it gives it more imortance and also there would be more of a focus strictly on the CL during "off years" when there are no Olympics or World Cups being played. In odd numbered years, the Champions League would be the premier hockey event right up there with the Stanley Cup.

World Championships can continue as they are for all I care.

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