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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
It was more than that. Lindros held out from Sault Ste. Marie in the OHL when he was 16. The reasoning being that his parents didn't want him so far away from home (they lived in Toronto at the time). Funny how every kid from Wayne Gretzky to Bobby Hull talks about being homesick when they broke away to play junior hockey. Not Eric though huh? He mattered more?

Then he does the same thing in Quebec. Then the whole Philly fiasco. It was a recurring thing throughout his career. Not just a one time thing. Entitlement is the new religion in the world. Lindros was way ahead of his time on this one, and not in a good way. He hadn't paid his dues yet and he felt he was owed everything. That wasn't right.
sure he did all of those things but to focus on it is over rated too.

did someone come to your high school and tell you where you were going to work and who "owned" your rights?

There was once a time when players would be fined if they missed a game to be at the birth of their child as well but some institutions change.

Well they all actually do but some of us complain about it in certain circumstances more than others.

The focus on Lindros off ice activities over what he actually did on the ice and the force he was is sometimes baffling here.

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