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11-10-2012, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Or considering we still had the same crappy defense,which was the number one problem last season, jagr could have just been another asset to trade at the deadline.

Also we were in the running. Jagr said his first choice was Montreal when he signed in Dallas, but Montreal never made him an offer.
See, funny how individual perspective leads to the same bits of info creating a completely different way of interpreting events...

I much more understand MB's decision not to be in the running then I did PG's.

- coming off a disastrous, last in the conference finish, expectations (both internal & external, even in Montreals demanding market, are tempered)... Which means a bigger window to build towards 2-3 years down the road. No real need to spend 4

- uncertainty around cba, and potential for changes that could force some teams to move contracts &/or. Encourage buy outs = potential positive to having greater cap/salary flexibility

- new coach and clear organizational desire to shift locker room culture not an ideal situation for a veteran like jagr.... While he did mesh well in his role in Philly, the dynamics were very different given top9 talent they have. Personally I'd have made a strong attempt to get him here, but I can see the rational of not wanting to make him 2nd highest paid fwd on our team.... He's a one-dimensional contributor at this stage, and while we need help in that dept., there is an ego/salary reality always at play in a pro sport team environment.

- a few very interesting contracts are up next summer, cap flexibility (new cba notwithstanding) may be a valuable commodity if a team decides to get trade value for an impending UFA we think we could extend beyond next season (perry, getzlaf, semin, zakat, flippula, clowe, Horton, iginla, elder, clarkson... All players who would be great medium-long term additions & much easier to secure via trade & sign then by waiting/hoping they hit UFA & choose us

I've more than described the reasons jagr to Mtl last season made a ton of sense, imo, and aside from the "tragic" miscalculation by the GM (and coach? Not ever made clear how much personnel input Martin had, though his Cole comments early in the year, and the timing of his firing, IMO suggest PG ran the ship his way first and foremost) its hard to see any reasonable excuse for why we didn't push hard for him last year.

Getting Cole (though at the time I hated the contract term... Still skeptical he will deliver decent value in year 4, & year 1 was a waste, but he did play up to/beyond expectations, hope he ages well) addressed some needs, but it was pretty obvious we needed more top 9 depth. Max pac's recovery was a big ? and even with him and cole having stellar seasons, a lack of top 9 depth killed us early on. Jagr would have been a perfect fit, both in hindsight and at the time.

He'd be nice to have this year, if we play, as well, but less of a need (given that our organizational changes & new direction almost imply a patient approach & muted expectations, at least in year 1).

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