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11-10-2012, 08:58 PM
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thousands of Leafers have no problem driving to Ottawa and put a bunch of money into Melnyks pockets and the city. for a good game of hockey.
I live in Montreal I drink beer and i can only go to the Bell Centre to enjoy a good hockey game. so my money goes to the Molsons...

If I wanna go out to a bar, ill go to the one offering the best experience, i dont care who owns it. (assuming we're only talking hockey). if its awesome, its awesome.
i know there are some cool spots in Ottawa run by Sens fans, but i dont how bad it is to add a new cool place to hang out in the city.

. i dont really understand this mentality of hating the world over a bar owned by the owner of the leafs who are owned by the biggest companies in Canada..
Its hard to not support anything thats related to MLSE when you live here, except the Leafs of course.

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