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HFWF House Show Write-Up

The arena was jam packed. Another sell out for HFWF in this house show on Saturday night!

The show opened with a backstage skit with The Revolution. OmniSlash, Astraphobia Catalyst and Topshelf were all shown backstage with their own speakers and an iPhone connected to it as "Gangnam Style" played and they all danced to it. CPrice and StraightEdge walked into the room and both had those Booker T shocked looks on their face as they saw them dancing. CPrice unhooked the speakers and told them to "get that **** out!"

1) BigFatCat (c) def. IciclesonaPaperShelf @ 8:37 to retain the United States Championship. Good opening match. First I've seen Icicles in a longer match and it was a really good showing. BFC played a babyface in peril where Icicles played a dominating heel. BFC got the win when Icicles took too much time setting up for his finisher, and it allowed BFC to counter it and hit the Cat Scratch Fever for the win. (**1/4)

--NYGRYK came out and said he's not scheduled to wrestle tonight, but he's out to let out some steam. He talked trash about the city of Miami and the Miami Heat and their fans. He says he was angry at the fact that he STILL hasn't gotten a one-on-one match with Jussi yet, but when he said that, SheamusFan came on the titantron to a mixed reaction. He said NYGRYK has wasted a lot of people's times by saying all that BS, that since he's in the ring right now, he's going to wrestle a match right now...against... SYN SHADOW.

2) Syn Shadow def. NYGRYK @ 7:45. Syn Shadow is impressive in person. This was a good back and forth match. Syn Shadow, despite his stature and his menacing look, had a nice reaction from the fans and played the babyface in the match. He sold more than I expected for NYGRYK. The finish came when NYGRYK was setting up the end, but Jussi appeared on the titantron and mocked NYGRYK (perfectly might I add) with the promo NYGRYK had cut earlier. This distracted NYGRY and allowed Syn Shadow to hit the Death-Grip Slam for the win. (**)

3) iRep & Marf (c) def. OmniSlash & Astraphobia Catalyst @ 13:21 to retain the HFWF Tag Team Championships. Really good match. I hope these teams get a match on Redemption so they can put a match like this on. Edge of your seat action from the start bell to the end bell. The finish came when Omni was acting "Rock-like" towards the fans, which got him heat, but wasted too much time as Marf actually threw a pie in OmniSlash's face and cradled him for the pinfall. Topshelf ran in post-match and a 3-on-2 beat down happened. After a few moments, RWO ran in and made the save as he cleared house. The ring announcer announced that he just got word that Topshelf and RWO will have a match RIGHT NOW. (***1/2)

4) RWO def. Topshelf @ 7:03. Good match, but they didn't really have time to kick it into the final gear for the end stretch. They were stuck in first gear. That being said, even though they were stuck there, it was still a good match. I can't wait to see what they're capable of when they can kick it up a notch. The timing was possibly an issue for these two. (**3/4)

--CPrice appeared on the titantron to a mixed reaction from the fans. He said in just a little bit, he'll be going one-on-one with CrimsonSkorpion but the FANS get to choose the stipulation of the match via text! The fans had to choice between Street Fight, 2 out of 3 Falls or a Steel Cage match.

-----[20 Minute Intermission]-----

5) MoFro def. LeafsFanForLife & Larping Heavily @ 5:54. Squash of a tag team match. LeafsFanForLife and Larping Heavily got in pretty much no offense as MoFro dominated. Post match, MoFro told the fans that they'd be back and get the titles back really soon. (*)

--ColePens appeared on the titantron and told the fans that tonight, the fans are going to witness a NEW HFWF World Champion.

6) End of Line def. Jussi @ 8:11. The fans were into both competitors. The fans were split 50/50 for this match, which is surprising seeing as End of Line has gotten no TV time yet. End of Line reminds me a lot of Brock Lesnar. The finish came when NYGRYK hit Jussi in the head with a kendo stick and allowed End of Line to hit multiple powerbombs to end it. End of Line scared NYGRYK away and to the back. (**1/2)

--The results of the voting were announced, and the Street Fight won. Street Fight - 49%, 2 out of 3 Falls - 20% and Steel Cage - 31%.

--In a funny bit, CPrice made his entrance first to a very (surprising) mixed reaction. We expected CrimsonSkorpion next, but instead, "Gangnam Style" hit and the fans loved it. CPrice was angry in the ring, but eventually, he calmed down... and even started dancing to "Gangnam Style" doing about three moves correctly and making everything up. He looked like a total goofball. Try to find it on YouTube afterwards.

7) CPrice def. CrimsonSkorpion @ 17:22 in a Street Fight. Really good match. There wasn't a lot of wrestling involved and it was more brawling. They brawled up the ramp, in the crowd, all around the ring... I'd say they spent about 3 minutes total in the ring and that was for the end of the match. They used a the steel steps, steel chairs, steel chains and a table. The finish came when CrimsonSkorpion had CPrice up for the Eisenkreus, but a "fan" ran into the ring and tried getting to CrimsonSkorpion. CrimsonSkorpion dropped CPrice as this happened, and the referee and security got the fan out of the ring and escorted him out of the arena. CrimsonSkorpion turned around but was IMMEDIATELY met with a Jumping Stunner from CPrice and this allowed CPrice to get the pinfall. Really good match, but that was an odd angle to end the match. (***3/4)

8) StraightEdge (c) def. ColePens @ 16:51 to retain the HFWF World Championship. This was another real good match, and I'd say the match of the night, barely beating out CPrice vs. CrimsonSkorpion. The fans went crazy for ColePens and hated StraightEdge. It's odd how every member of The Revolution is hated except for CPrice it seems. This was a real good back and forth match that moved along so quickly and smoothly. The transition from technical wrestling to fast paced, high flying wrestling was awesome and these two do it perfectly. The finish came when StraightEdge threw ColePens into the exposed steel turnbuckle as ColePens was running towards StraightEdge and StraightEdge hit the Hawaiian Smasher in the middle of the ring to get the pinfall. (****)

--After the match, OmniSlash, Astraphobia Catalyst and Topshelf all ran down and it a 4-on-1 beat down. Suddenly, iRep, Marf and RWO ran in and made the save. CPrice ran in and made it a 5-on-4, but CrimsonSkorpion immediately followed and chaos ensued with a huge brawl. SheamusFan appeared on the titantron and said that he's not going to allow the show to end this way, and immediately announced the biggest match in HFWF history right here, right now as the main event! A 5-on-5 tag team match, The Revolution vs. ColePens, CrimsonSkorpion, iRep, Marf and RWO!

9) ColePens, CrimsonSkorpion, iRep, Marf & RWO def. StraightEdge, CPrice, OmniSlash, Astraphobia Catalyst & Topshelf @ 10:46. Nice little (big) main event to send the fans home happy. It just looked like everyone in the ring was having tons of fun. The finish came when RWO hit his finisher on Topshelf, Marf hit his finisher on OmniSlash, iRep hit his finisher on Astraphobia Catalyst, CrimsonSkorpion hit his finisher on CPrice and ColePens hit his finisher on StraightEdge and the ref counted FIVE pinfalls all at once to give them all the win. The winners celebrated in the ring and ColePens posed with the HFWF World Championship. All the winners signed autographs for the fans at ringside. (**1/2)

All in all, really fun show. HFWF is going to rise to the top quickly.

Top Pops
1) ColePens
2) CrimsonSkorpion
3) CPrice dancing to Gangnam Styles
4) iRep & Marf
5) Syn Shadow/CPrice tied

Top Heat
1) StraightEdge
2) OmniSlash/Astraphobia Catalyst
3) Topshelf
5) CPrice

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