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11-10-2012, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by MW6 View Post
never said anything about him being on any line, had he played on the Canucks last year he would've scored the 4th most goals trailing only Daniel, Burrows and Kesler. Add Henrik and you have the only forwards scoring more points than MacArthur last season.
Garbage ey? that's some solid proof right there.. I'm not saying Lapierre didn't perform well, but I assume by looking at previous statistics Lombardi is the better player. Blacker have the highest upside of all the mentioned prospects according to hockey's future (not a reliable source but I guess it's the best we have), even though Tanev should count as a roster player.
I won't argue against you if you feel that way about the trade, it's totally up to you to decide, I'm only making suggestions!
If Hansen played with the Sedins he would probably be a 20-30-50 player and fit for a lot of teams first lines; however he's not playing with the Sedins, he's a third liner. McArthur would not break into the Canucks' top six hence he wouldn't be our 4th leading scorer. See how logic works? And I'm sorry but if the only way you evaluate the skill and potential of prospects is one website and literally no other research is done you have a pretty weak case.

Tanev is already a poor mans Hamhuis, and K-Conn would play in Ballar were injured/traded. Blacker wouldn't. You literally have next to no knowledge about the Canucks system or needs. We need a SOLID 3C, which clearly Lombardi isn't. And we need a playmaking Winger to play with Kesler and Booth, which clearly McArthur isn't. The other pieces are like I said, interesting but not exciting and definitely not pieces that any competent GM would consider as a centr piece for an elite #1 goalie.

TLDR: You have no idea what you are talking about and you did very little research into your proposal. Props for trying, but at the end of the day the Canucks get taken advantage of like that girl we all knew in high school.

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