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11-10-2012, 10:48 PM
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Here's a new game to play. You know you're in Minnesota when...........

- You're stuck at a 4-way stop, because each person is gesturing, "No. You go. It's your turn. No really. I insist."

- Similar to the situation above, except now you're stuck at the front of the store trying to determine who is next to check out after a new register opens. "Oh you can go. No you, after you. But you don't have many things, so you can go."

- You go to Kohls and come across a big, tall, tough looking man dressed in hunting camouflage (and full gear) from head to toe pushing a small cart that he had placed an infant seat on with the cutest little newborn baby in it.

- You go to vote and some of the poll workers are older guys wearing ancient, beat up suspenders, and look like they've been stuck in the woods for weeks. And as you're waiting in line, men AND women are talking about the deer they got over the weekend.

True stories, people! All within a matter of days.

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