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11-10-2012, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
Lets not forget that Jonathan Drouin is rising...

Is Jones keeping pace ?
yes Jones is keeping pace with Nathan, Druin is rising but let's slow down that HYPE train a bit shall we.

Nathan will most likely go 1st, and I would pick him there too but if a team like Edmonton picks 1st again then there is a strong case of taking Jones IMO.

Originally Posted by maplehawk View Post
Seth Jones will be a top 3 pick whether he puts up fantastic offensive numbers or not this season based purely on his physical tools and raw ability. His blend of size, mobility, skill and hockey IQ is that rare. His potential ceiling is through the roof and scouts will recognize that regardless if he blows them away on the scoresheet this year.
He truly is the total package, in the game I saw the other team didn't even really generate a decent scoring chance while Jones was on the ice and if they had more than 1 or 2 shots when he was on I would be very surprised. (I had a great view on the Portland Blueline less than 10 rows up for their 1st and 3rd periods)

Originally Posted by Skinnyjimmy08 View Post
He is unbelievable. I watched the game on tv last night and he is an unbelievable talent. All the little things he does is unreal(keeping a tight gap and checking the forwards well before his blue line, the way he protects the puck and makes the outlet pass in his end etc, etc) And not to mention his size, skating ability, PP ability, PK ability, offensive awareness. I think when it comes to the NHL draft, it will ultimately come down to in this case, although it's never admitted by NHL teams, but to draft on need instead of best player available. If the team with the number 1 pick is in dire NEED of a franchise dman, Jones will be #1, but if a team NEEDS a franchise forward, itll be MacKinnon. I think MacKinnon and Jones will be neck and neck all season for that number 1 spot so it will be tough to determine the best player available.
I agree he does all the little things as well as the big things extremely well. If anything he looked like he would do jsut enough out there at times but that extra gear and rush was there when he needed it.

His poise and decision making under pressure were the most impressive things though and that's very telling because his skill set is outstanding as well.

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