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11-10-2012, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
They got $110 million because the NHL said that $60 million would go to them as a relocation fee. Also the NHL pretty much directed the team to Winnipeg. ASG basically got the team as a throw in when they bought the Hawks, neglected it for years, and dumped it the first chance the got. The NHL wanted to make sure they weren't rewarded for being bad owners. Jamison however is a league insider coming in and helping the league out of a jam so they maybe nicer to him and let him pocket some cash in the process.
Can Bernie Kosar pocket some money too? I am sorry but this is absolutely ludicrous. Gramps may find a nice office at 1251 Avenue of the Americas on the
47th Floor but who exactly is paying him $$$$. Nashville, Florida, Carolina??? Winnipeg??? hahaha

When his attempt to buy the Coyotes fails he will remain an owner of the Sharks with a possible soon to be promotion to NYC and if he is lucky Hansen will add him as a consultant.

This guy is pocketing nothing but kickback$ in the form of job promotion.

l'ill gary, " thanks for gathering here today, I would like to introduce you to the NHL's Director of NHL relocation and expansion, Grampa Greg Jamison" .... "Mr. Jamison is very experienced......... and don't let the grey hair foola ya he is much younger than he looks. We would also like to use this time to announce a major corporate sponsorship with Grecian Formula. Greg will be the major spokesperson along with willy d."

Absolutely ludicrous I say.

What is takin Gramps so long to buy the team? this clown show is about to come to an end. Pure speculation of course.

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