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Submarino (2010), directed by Thomas Vinterberg: Two brothers, severely damaged by their childhood, struggle as adults to keep their heads above water. They have lost contact with one another, but inevitably their fates are intertwined. The older brother is angry and violent with a serious drinking problem; the younger brother is addicted to heroin and a single parent with a boy in kindergarten. He loves his son deeply, but he is in the grip of something that he can't control. Some movies with equally bleak themes wallow in despair. However, this one doesn't; it just paints a very plausible picture of what life is like for these two guys whose lives seem damned by their past through absolutely no fault of their own. Thanks to Jakob Cedergren and Peter Plaugborg's superb performances as the two siblings, the movie carries an emotional force that is undeniably powerful. The ending is a tad hopeful, maybe a little sentimental even, but it fits perfectly. One of the better films of 2010.


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