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11-10-2012, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by IHaveNoCreativity View Post
Is it even possible to have a good defensive system in the game lol ?
Yes. Very difficult. I haven't played with an "offensive" system for probably 2 or so calendar years. All time spent towards defensive systems (not that I play every day or even every comes in waves) in different leagues.

In real life, I'm a very defensive coach and generally like defensive hockey. I'm also not much of a "gamer" in general...anything that's easy, I just won't play because it doesn't hold my attention. I know how to win in EHM. I'm the human, I can "outsmart" the computer whenever and build a super team and score 8 goals a game...but I don't find that fun at all (to each his own, no disrespect to others at all - what you guys are doing is impressive also).

Just started a new game recently actually. I'm with a cash-strapped Allsvenskan team (Swe-2) trying to defense my way to promotion. Under-estimated how difficult it would be to do it without money (including transfer money, I've had $0 for 2.5 seasons now), so I have to build via free agency and prospects that I find and just roll with it (I also make other limitations for myself in all games, to stay realistic - for starters, in this one, I won't sign any player or staff that can't speak Swedish - so even if Sidney Crosby would sign with me for $20 and a pack of gum, I wouldn't do it) ...can't make in-season changes. Gotta make it work tactically. Top-4 make the playoffs with the thin hopes of being promoted. Very tough. Also realized that some of the teams at the top can spend half of my entire payroll on one player! Some teams spend three and four times what I do...

Not a big screen shot guy, but here's one from a junior season that I had...

I enjoyed this one. You know I wasn't an unfairly stacked team (a. I don't play that way; b. look at the regular season goalie stats, pedestrian). But tactically (with some luck, no doubt), I was able to sweep a series without giving a single goal (vs. Oshawa) - a keen eye will note that this was a second round series. Thanks to line matchup advantages, I didn't give up a home goal in that playoffs until the second or third period of game 2 of the Conference Finals!

Also, notice that a shutout doesn't always warrant a 10. I think I've seen a few games where my goalie got a shutout and only got an "8" - meaning that he's not necessarily playing brilliantly, which means he's facing limited shots and/or limited shot quality. A check to make sure it's not just you having a good goalie that's keeping scores down. Though that doesn't hurt...

No secret tactic to success though. Proper team building to fit your tactics, proper tactics to fit your team's build.

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