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11-11-2012, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Renbarg View Post
Because of transfer agreements between Russia and the NHL.

And the contracts aren't "broken." Players agree to abide by the CBA when they signed their contracts, including allowing for their salaries to be modified. The question regarding the legality of lockouts have been asked many times before, this one certainly falls under within those parameters. Canadian law already affirmed as much. I'm sure American law would as well.
I understand there are transfer agreements and the law isn't on the side of the players. However, if this drags out for another year or so... at what point do the owners basically forfeit their right to retain the player's services?

If one of us had a contract with an employer, including a non-compete clause... and the employer basically said "you can't come to work for an indefinite period... we won't be paying you until we decide to go back into business." Doesn't that put the employee in a real bind? Shouldn't he be able to seek alternative employment given the circumstances? If so, wouldn't having to say to other employers, "I will work for you, but at any time, with minimal notice, I may have to leave and return to my old employer," hurt his alternative employment chances/offers? If the lockout is ongoing for a couple years, and inflation goes up 20% in that time... while the new CBA requires a substantial reduction of all existing contracts... why should the player have to abide by that? Didn't he sign the contract with the implicit understanding that the seasons would be consecutive?

It seems to me like an employer option for "whenever we decide to actually continue business"... whether in a couple months or a couple years. Again, I understand the contract is worded such that the player must abide by CBA, but it just seems wrong to me that employer has such power and can basically leave player in limbo.

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