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11-11-2012, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by cobra427 View Post
Just win, no marketing needed? Right...I can't wait to see all the responses when the deal with JIG gets completed. I have been watching the expert analysis on this thread, and all the reasons why the coyotes are gone, so it should be fun seeing more analysis paralysis on why they should be gone and how stupid COG is for keeping them...Can't wait....
well yeah usually playoff teams don't need to market themselves. We'll see what COG does, this is an unprecedented situation as far as I know for a city to actively subsidize the operating budget of a major league sports team. I have seen incentives to lure a team, payments to cover moving expenses, the obviously building the venue, etc but never a 20 year commitment to cut a check every year.

No one here is claiming to be Nate Silver. We're just making predictions on an obviously fluid situation. For all I know maybe Skeete does finalize a deal with Jamison in time for the 11/27 meeting. I haven't met either one of them so I don't know how far apart they are on the terms of the lease to know if it can get done in that time. I also know very little about Skeete other than his comical education background that I saw on his LinkedIn page. I also have no idea if he wants the permanent city manager job and if he is going to play this accordingly.

Lastly, this situation has defied all logic. The problem we all have in trying to predict what will happen is that we try to use logic and that doesn't apply here

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