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11-11-2012, 12:50 AM
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I highly doubt suing the KHL or the respective KHL teams or players would do anything assuming they (the players) have no problem staying in Russia for the remainder of their lives.

An international civil lawsuit is a little tricky when it is international, especially with a country like Russia. The government would likely choose to ignore it and let the KHL/players do whatever they want. How can you make players pay anyone when all their assets are in a different country outside of the control of the US judicial system? Threaten the Russian government? Lol ok

Edit: this is from a strictly legal standpoint that ignores the Olympics. It would likely require the IIHF threatening to ban all russian competitors from any international competition (if they can even do that in this type of situation). Either that or the Olympic committee could possibly threaten to remove the Olympics from Sochi or ban the players/russian team but again I think that would be farfetched.

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