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Originally Posted by Antithesis View Post
No one here wants a league where two clubs boss everything. No one wants a system where players in the same league aspire to one day become good enough to make the bench on... another team in the same league.

I know I don't need to list the teams because every European league had between 2 and 5. The rest in consolation.

I'd rather have a championship level league with parity than a premiership level league where a clubs legitimate goal is to make 7th place every year.
Come now, the lack of parity is more evident in north america. Each of the "big 4" leagues has its perennial bottom feeders with no incentive to improve. They embarrass their leagues with their regular presence. We all know who they are, The Royals in MLB, The CBJ, The Jags in the NFL etc etc.

Let's not act like money doesn't buy success. The franchise model does make it easier for the occasional surprise team to have a good season or two, but those are just aberrations. It happens in Europe too, Blackburn in 95, Montpelier last season, Wolfsburg in 09 etc etc. So there's no iron wall that keeps someone from winning the title.

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