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11-11-2012, 04:06 AM
Harry Waters
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May I ask where in this article Ovechkin and Kovalchuk say that they want to break their contracts if the NHL is playing again and asking them to come over? If someone could point that out to me, I would be really thankful

And in general: They are locked out and play in their home country and enjoy it. Is this really that shocking? And maybe, just maybe, not for everyone the NHL is the only league to play in and/or a sacred institution. Why should it be? It is my favourite league in all of sports as well, but I can see why someone could think otherwise - and if there is a lockout every few years, I can understand that even more.

But to the people in this thread saying "they are Russians who don't care and can stay in Russia if they want to": keep the stereotypes alive, good work.

Edit: Actually I am shocked about the stereotypes in this thread: we discuss a sport we all enjoy, and at least since 1990 there have been so many players from all over the world in the NHL, and people are still riding the "Russians don't care"-attitude; not that is has to be proven that one nation is not better/worse than another - but even after 20 years of Russian players in this league with a lot of them being absolute role-models this sticks? That's just sad.

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