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11-11-2012, 04:25 AM
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Originally Posted by bsmith14 View Post
I find it hilarious how the draft eligble fan boys come out of the wood works every year during the WJC. I will save and post this message for years to come....

WJC is an 18 and 19 year old tournament. Only uber elite 17 year olds make it. If you follow world juniors or junior hockey in general you would understand this. Even the hopkins, seguins, duchenes, and skinners of the world get left off. No, hockey Canada will not put Drouin, McDavid, Domi etc over Rattie, Strome, Monahan, Ritchie. I realize that this is a hockey forum where opinion matters but I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

In most cases a 2nd round 19 year old scoring winger is a better player currently than a potential top 15 first round pick. It does not mean they have more potential but in the case of the WJC who is better currently matters a great deal.
Just because you and others have bought in to the HC line of age trumps skill doesn't mean everybody has to, nor does it make it the right approach. I say there's another way. Why does HC apparently show an obvious double standard with regards to the WJC and the WC? Why is it young players can play at the WC, i.e. undrafted 18 year old d-men (Murrary) but an undrafted 17 year old is deemed not yet ready for a tournament within his peer group? Quite frankly Hockey Canada is spinning BS and a lot of "traditionalists buy in to it." My argument is with so many 18 and 19 year old players sticking in the NHL and not being released, replace skill with skill...not skill for some 19 year old 6,4 215 lb player and he's 5 OHL goals. Quite frankly, that philosophy hasn't quite worked out so well the past 3 years... so lets try something new and lets see where it gets us. If we are going to lose, then I'd rater lose with Drouin on the team than a Tom Wilson type player. You have to be prepared to change and adapt with the times... I think Drouin is more than ready to handle the World was Mackinnon last year, and RNH the year before that and Seguin etc and all the other players they cut or didn't invitite because they at HC are locked into this moronic concept that the WJC is a tournament for 19 year old players. I don't buy that argument and never will buy that argument.

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