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not to hijack thread by bringing up football into discussion. Just trying to explain that comparing NHL and KHL can lead to apples/oranges analogy if you dont take into account other aspects, not only ever-popular rink size / softness / laziness discussion but also economical aspects of the sports in NA/Europe.

There seems to be major misunderstandings between American and European concepts of making sports, North Americans believe that club/league not generating profit is disaster waiting to happen while in socialist Europe people believe that trying to make money on sports is unnecessary, economical balance is the most you can expect, and once you make profit you MUST to re-invest it back into the the club to improve stadium, squad etc.

Not to mention Salary cap.

F.e. FC Barcelona payroll is like 300 million, while in NA hockey you guys have salary caps. Salary cap will make any competition more competitive, but also destroys any chance of building up generational team/ Dynasties. Courtesy of 300m payroll, FC Barcelona maintains squad stacked by world class players from top to bottom. Barca games are predicatble as hell sometimes as they arent expected to do anything less than to destroy their opponents. And even if this predicatibility can lead to an wrong assumption their games are "boring", I may ensure you that once players like Messi/Xavi/Iniesta hang their boots, this team will be fondly remembered as one of the best sports team ever assembled, and will be discussed by football fans in all over the world for decades, while all the unexpected Stanley Cup winners will be probably forgotten by global hockey fans sooner or later.

Every system has it´s pros and cons. Europeans are happy with their system, North Americans are happy with theirs. And everyone´s keep praising their own system while bashing the other one, which is perfectly ok imo. This often happens in two diverse worlds.

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