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Speaking of only carrying two soccer goalies. Shipp is in camp and Cernohorsky is now injured for five games. So congrats, Doug, your moving on to round two

I took a quick look at the market for some help. I'd probably have to spend more than I'm comfortable spending. I might have another look later, but it's not something I really want to do.

Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
That and I have/had the highest AQ team in North America so I put everything I had into TF. Two tough seasons in I.1 and 3-4 seasons now without an international cup bonus and I'm getting left in the dust money wise. My only saving graces are those players who have me now at #6 in terms of OTS. Heck, send my best 17 to camp and I still field an 80 OTS team. The ****** part is a lot of those guys dropped to 5/6 at 16. That stings. Even then I only have a couple non-5/6 or better right now.
I don't understand your soccer team at all hopefully things are turning around after dominating II.4.

Edit: I couldn't find a soccer goalie, but I did add another hockey defenseman. A good one, too. Bela Kando has 275 OR, is an RD, and has Qs of 97D 73P/99T/95A and 90Shot. Cost a bit over 12M

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