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Also, comparing ownerships in KHL/NHL is not accurate.

Private business in Eastern Europe was destroyed by commies in so its only logical that the majority of russian KHL owners are nowadays "oligarchs" who are somehow tied with politicians (how else they would become oligarchs, we had no Californian golden fever here, only wild privatisation in 90s) or there is involvment of politicians at all levels (central gvt, regional gvts, municipalities officials etc) in KHLs clubs. Thats hardly a KHLs specialty, but rather a general occurance in Eastern Europe where municipalities are tied with local clubs, owning, co-owning them, or owning their stadiums, and supporting local sports. Western European clubs arent owned by "oligarchs" but are economically tied with municipalities as well.

NHL franchises on the other hands are independent companies that dont rely on that kind of support/sponsorships. Little emotional ties between club/city, franchises can move whenever they want if they dont find the business environment attractive enough. Business envireonment in US wasnt damaged by commies, which might sound a lame excuse 20 years after the collapse of iron curtain, but isnt. The best example is football Germany - no eastern German club is in Bundesliga. Germans like Germans you say - but while west Germans drove VWs and MBs, east Germans were riding Trabbies. And 20 years later, there is still no east German club that could be able to establish themselves in top tier competition (in past only Cottbus, Rostock and Dresden made it up but always ended up relegated) - partially as a result of collapse of eastern Germany economy. Western Germany-based business in eastern Germany sending their earning to headquarters in west and dont care about local sports.

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