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11-11-2012, 06:44 AM
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Hmmm...I think me and anyone who is above 4th liner would win it. Ideally, I need a pure sniper, but one who won't get blindingly frustrated by my complete lack of skill. Stick handling? Terrible. Recieving a pass? Terrible. Beating people to the puck? Terrible.Spped? ooh, is that a snail beating me? Terrible.Skating? 8 years of "playing" and I'm still terrible. Stick on earth am I still this terrible?Shooting? Okay, that one is tolerable. Hmmm.I'll take me and Datsyuk. I would have said me and Ovechkin, but he might get too aggravated. My one and only significant hockey skill is being able to pass incredibly well. So all I have to do is stand at one end, and give the puck to Datsyuk. Actually with the kind of skill levels we are talking about, it's probably stand there and get the heck out of his way. Once he scores 20 or 30 goals, he can start letting me fumble around occasionally. When I played beginner shinny at the Oval, we had people who played on the Dinos and occasionally the women's national team helping run the class. Those people were mind blowingly better than us, so I'd imagine an NHLer would be insane. A guy capable of winning multiple selkes could beat everyone all the time. No doubt in my mind.

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