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11-11-2012, 07:23 AM
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Biology/Physics Question

I meant to post this in The Lounge a few days ago but it fits better here, so:

I was watching this X Files episode, and was wondering whether its take on the effects of what happens are true to life. The episode centres around a boy who is able to move at extremely high speeds, so fast that his entering a room and removing something from a locker is only half-captured in one frame of a CCTV camera. So fast the soles of his shoes melt.

He ends up in hospital and Scully is looking at his x-rays to see what's wrong with him. He has stress fractures in his bones, multiple concussions, Scully notes that he looks like he's played pro football for 15 years. He's in pretty bad shape.

My question though is focused on a scene where he's driving in a car with another kid, and he drives the car at 80mph towards a lamp-post, only to jump out and pull the other kid from the car before it hits the pole. Now considering that the kid who moves quickly can move without being seen - he essentially disappeared when he left the car - would pulling someone out of a car at that kind of speed not do them more damage than hitting a pole at a high speed would do? Especially since you wouldn't be braced for the impact and it's far beyond any sort of speed humans normally move at.

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