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Originally Posted by cat400 View Post
Expansion in 1972 combined with the birth of the WHA delivered a big blow to what was a very promising Bruins' team of the '70's; now it looks like Betteman and company are hell-bent on doing it in the new CBA.

* It is no surprise at all, but Jeremy Jacobs, the militant Boston owner who acts as chairman of the Board of Governors, is in full support of a plan that would benefit his pockets at the expense of his team.

This, after all, is the individual whose miserly ways finally drove Raymond Bourque out of Boston in search of a Stanley Cup.

The league’s latest proposal not only calls for an immediate dive to a 50/50 split of hockey-related revenue, but allows for only one season of transition — this one.

This means that the cap for 2013-14 would be set at approximately $59.4 million, thus leaving numerous clubs with essentially no space to sign (or re-sign) the approximately 250 players whose contracts are due to expire following this season.

Under this scenario, the Bruins — who do not have an NHL goaltender under contract for next season — would have approximately $6 million available to fill eight roster spots after placing Marc Savard on long-term injury list.
i think it crap how the bourque thing gets blamed on the 'misery' ways of the b's.

jacobs didnt try to buy a winner... we all know that. But he was always a top 10 payroll. He was even a top 5 payroll at times. In an era where New York and Philly and Toronto and Los Angles at times were trying to buy championships and had 1 cup between them in the Bourque era... it wasnt any sure fire path to success just to be one of the top 5 biggest spending teams anyhow.

Other then Detroit there was no team that had much success spending money in the Bourque era. The teams that won cups... were usually teams that SUCKED for extended periods of time like Pittsburgh and Detroit and Colorado/Quebec and New Jersey. If you look at the late 1970's and early 1980s these teams all STUNK for periods of time that were 5-7-9 years long. Then they got a core of players together through the draft and managed to win some cups in the Bourque era.

We all like to blame our own lack of success on Jacobs being too cheap but we still went to the finals in late 1980s and early 1990s with Bourque here. We werent too cheap to have a cup finalist team. We didnt win.. but only 1 team wins. Did we not win because we sucked... or were we beaten by a team that had put together an amazing nucelus of players by luck/chance? How often does a team get a Gretzky/Messier at the same time? That Oiler team that beat us is one of the 4 best teams of all time.

When Bourque reached the end... we were also at an end. We were obviously going into rebuild mold. We had already started it dealing off Oates... watching Neely retire... it happens. Sometimes pro teams get to the point they have to rebuild. We let everyone get old together trying to win a cup in the mid 1990s and then we had to rebuild.

You cant make magic happen in a league that has a draft. The Rangers and Philly were throwing every cent they had to buy a winner and they werent winning any more often then we were. Thowing money at UFA wasnt going to be a surefire path to winning a cup here with Bourque either.

Bourque was a great solider for us. He asked for a chance to go win a cup. We let him handpick where he wanted to go. We treated him with class on the way out. It was sad we didnt win while he was here... but he was part of that franchise that set a record for most consequetive playoff appearances...

we didnt exactly surround him with sucky crappy teams that were drafting top 10 year after year either. When St Louis couldnt afford to sign Oates... we did. When Neely was the best power forward in the game, we kept him here to play with Bourque. We grabbed Andy Moog to play net for us when Edmonton couldnt afford to keep him.

We did bring in/keep some very good players for that 20 year run to try to win with... it simply just didnt happen that we won the cup. We never spent the MOST money, but other then Detroit, no one else that spent the MOST money won either. Its really easy to be bitter about these things... but its way more complicated then some people are willing to accept. Jacobs is the same owner that just won a cup with us a couple years ago and has the biggest payroll in the NHL now.

doesnt he get a bit of credit for that?

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