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11-11-2012, 07:41 AM
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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
if that is true- pathetic- although the Bruins are in better shape than most. Atleast the Bruins have money to spend, the Canadiens are done, and the Canucks have $4 M to pay 10 players. I kid of course....if Fehr ever agreed to this he should be fired on the spot. Sounds like they are giving this guy ZERO wiggle room. Sounds, again sounds like the owners want this mess to be cleaned up the players. It SOUNDS like if they don't get what they want they are taking their puck and going home.

If no deal is done by next weekend I'm basically shutting the emotions of hockey down. My deadline is November 15th and then I am moving on from reading, posting, or caring one bit about the 2012-13 season. My kids season starts, Providence offers good value, and there is BC and BU games to go to to get my hockey.

this is what happens when greed meets short sightedness meets stubborness. Its a recipe that would make a fly pass.

yeeesh- what a clusterpuck.
on a personal note... when contracts were recently being handed out to guys like boychuck and peverly and kelly... some of us here were wondering just how the hell it was going to work for us going forward.

as someone that was wondering that myself, i hate being right on this issue.

when the dust settles... sadly, we will find teams willing to take lucic and seguin off our hands even at 6 mill per year. we are not going to find anyone willing to take boychuck or kelly or peverly off our hands though.

It probably is best for us if the season gets locked out... that the owners turn to hardball and insist on some buyouts and a rollback for next year. Coming back without buyouts/rollback is going to lead to our team being decimated and eventually having guys like kelly/peverly playing second line cause we wont be able to afford more then 2-3 guys like Bergeron/Lucic/Seguin/Krecji/Horton/Marchand still being around

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