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11-11-2012, 08:26 AM
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A couple of notes about our NCAA prospects:

- While I do know it's not Josiah type of game....would still be nice to see him get some points once in a while...

- Dustin Walsh going slowly but surely like a guy we are not going to re-signed in the upcoming summer

- I would love to know...but is Bennett getting some tough minutes or is he really on the 3rd pairing? They got clubbered 7-2 yesterday and while him being even is all great, Clare and Trouba being -3 tells me they get the toughest matchups which is somewhat ordinairy. I understand Trouba is indeed a special talent, one of my favorite of last year, I understand Clare is a senior, but the guy had all the trouble to play regularly last year. Would love to know what Montreal thinks of that or any other Wolverines follower. I didn't buy the package yet so I don't know myself

- If the Bruins fans check the North Dakota scoreboard, they'll have a whole lot of fun at our expense.....Kristo getting a penalty for diving....

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