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Originally Posted by JMiller View Post
Exactly, that's why boxing is the most efficient and least exploitive professional sport out there- no unions and plenty of different organizations to choose between.

- see, that's sarcasm.
Didn't see this one. Not fair to you if I don't reply.

If the conditions for boxers are unbearable (your comment suggests you think they are being exploited), they would pursue earning a living doing something else. They obviously find the terms agreeable or they wouldn't be in the business. One might argue that the boxers aren't getting a 'fair share' or whatever, but I for one am not qualified to put a value on what that amount is.

Markets are mostly efficient. If the boxers aren't being paid well enough to compensate them for their effort and they can find more suitable terms in other employment, they will leave the boxer labor force. The boxing industry would then need to improve the terms to convince them back or fold up shop.

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