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11-11-2012, 09:03 AM
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The latest revelations about how Beasley conducted business at city hall might help to understand why he decided to leave a high paying job in the public sector to pursue a "consulting" business. His nefarious actions relating to moving money around to ensure that the General Fund was "made whole" is not all that surprising in light of his history of playing fast and loose with facts, and keeping city council in the dark. Remember, this is the guy who deliberately kept city council in the dark on a reputable economic assessment of parking revenues, and instead replaced them with a cocked up version from his buddy TL Hocking. In effect, he was trying to dupe city council and the public into paying much more for parking rights than they were worth by misleading them about the financial benefits. It doesn't get much worse than that as a civil servant paid by the tax payers and hired by an elected council.

Is it any wonder that Scruggs turned on him? She probably figured out how rotten he was, and decided that his prognostications and schemes about the Coyotes were just a house of cards. His resignation might not have been entirely voluntary, given what we know now.

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