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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Market freedom? This is a private league.

The NHL had RS in their first proposal, and have increased it in each one since. If you do the numbers, the NHLs plan does a LOT more for the NHL than the PA's. If you really want a sustainable solution, move to the median to determine HRR. However the PA will NEVER agree to that. Hell the PA moaned and *****ed when they tried to get some reasonable deductions to the HRR that should have been there to begin with. Increasing RS is fine (and should be done anyway), but unless they go to the 40-50% range, it'll never be enough, and we'll be in the same situation in 6-8 years.

It has nothing to do with team finances, or the locations of teams and everything to do with the system the NHL put in place in 04. Not that they have a lot of choices... as the PA wouldn't agree to reducing HRR. The PA has absolutely no interest in helping the league or ensuring their sustainable. Their sole interest is in getting the players as much money and freedom as possible.
It's the PA that proposed the extent of the revenue sharing for the good of the league. Sure they haven't made it 40-50% but at least they said what the NHL put originally wasn't enough. The fact that the NHL's original proposal frowned on revenue sharing shows me who's serious about fixing the league, or at least taking this more seriously. Next CBA if the revenue sharing amount has to be increased then that'll be the important point.

And yes, market freedom. You need players and teams to be able to choose each other without clauses that cap the market. The way the NHL is proposing it you might as well create a computer program that allocates UFA players to teams based on the max salary (max years x max cap hit per year). It takes all the life out of UFA Day and we don't need it.

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