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Originally Posted by Alberta_OReilly_Fan View Post
guilty as charged... i have the damnest time not getting over passionate in my posts and sticking to conciese points.

im not against unions in general. i just dont think they've done alot in recent times in the world of sports to help out. I think that the non-unionized sports get paid just as much if not more. Maybe third liners are very protected by the unions but is that a good thing?

i dont see unions stepping up to stop the small market teams from folding/moving. The unions are too focused on the immediate short term payoff. I fear for the health of sports in general as we move into the next generation.

it seems things like the X games and what not is where the kids these days are spending their own enthusism. The team sports that you and i grew up with are being priced out of the market for the kids today to be able to enjoy. And i blame the third liners being overpaid as the main reason ticket prices cant be kept in line.

ultimately we will always afford to see a tom cruise movie even if he is being paid 20 million... we will always make sure we attend a bruce springsteen or a u2 concert even if they are getting their 20 mill a year too.

its the issue where we dont get bang for our buck that ultimately turns the fans off and is why some movies lose 100 million dollars and why 60-70% of all tv series get cancled early in the first season... and why only the smallest percentage of books become best sellers.

if mediocre entertainers are protected by a union... theres a problem that arises and we see it now in the NHL
See, IMO "third liners" need protection because they are absolutely as important as star players to the game- look at the bruins cup team. Stars don't sell tickets, winning sells tickets- and a strong third line is better than a big name. Id hate to see the nhl go the way of the nba (which is where bettman would love to see it). Besides the nhlpa represents all the players.

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