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11-11-2012, 10:31 AM
Glory Days
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Originally Posted by TheUnseenHand View Post
Makes me miss Poni He might not have been great at any one particular thing, but he was a smart player with a big frame that he used to his advantage. I think NJ was the perfect fit for him...
I'd be a lot more comfortable with our forward situation if he was re-signed, he loved being here, wanted to stay, but he couldn't wait for a contract (**** you zach) and a deal came along to play with one of his best friends in 'peg so he took it up

Also, HOF weekend is coming up and here is a nice article about Oates

After a year in Tampa, Oates joined the Devils' coaching staff. In the summer of 2011, Peter DeBoer took over as head coach. DeBoer acknowledged that as he prepared to meet with Oates in the offseason, he was predisposed to not bringing him back so he could assemble his own staff.

"Two hours later, I walked out and I said, 'This is a guy I want to work with and have to have back,'" DeBoer told recently.

"He's very honest. He's very forthright. He's got very strong opinions. He really coaches like he played, and he was a very unselfish player. He's a smart guy. I think he's going to transition well [to being a full-time coach]."

Oates knew his coaching career might have stalled a year ago when DeBoer took over.

"I'm a logical guy. I know he's going to have shortcomings about me. He doesn't know me. He's coming into a new team and I just wanted to let him know from the opening get-go that I got your back. I got information. You want it, you got it. You want me to just stand here, you got it. I'm an assistant coach, I know what my responsibilities are, I will support you," Oates said.

"I said to him, the only thing is, look, I'm not going to lie to you, there's a time in my life when I want to be a head coach. I don't want your job, but I want when someone calls you, you say, 'yeah, Oatsy's good,' that's my goal."

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