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11-11-2012, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by JMiller View Post
See, IMO "third liners" need protection because they are absolutely as important as star players to the game- look at the bruins cup team. Stars don't sell tickets, winning sells tickets- and a strong third line is better than a big name. Id hate to see the nhl go the way of the nba (which is where bettman would love to see it). Besides the nhlpa represents all the players.
they are important... we won with depth. id be a fool to argue that they arent important.

but my argument is that they are financially breaking the system. they are important but they DONT SELL TICKETS. You need a good group of support players to win a cup, but there isnt enough money to go around to pay these guys there average of 2.5 mill a season. And we pay ours alot more then 2.5 mill.

I dont ever want to be accused of saying Boychuck and Peverly and Kelly arent great third liners... I think they are. BUT what I am saying is that paying guys like this 3 mill a year is what is busting the system. I am saying the owners wouldnt give guys like this 3 mill unless the system was busted. The union probably knew that the superstars will get paid reguardless... and the lowest paid guys are protected by their minimum salary but wont ever get more... so its this middle class that was the group the union felt it had to protect.

I understand why it happened... I just say it shouldnt have happened... and it needs to get changed. Most the moves the owners are asking for are designed to stop this. Limits on second year deals... free agency changes... arbitration ellimination... these are all moves aimed against this group of players.

I think its reasonable

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