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Originally Posted by JMiller View Post
See, IMO "third liners" need protection because they are absolutely as important as star players to the game- look at the bruins cup team. Stars don't sell tickets, winning sells tickets- and a strong third line is better than a big name. Id hate to see the nhl go the way of the nba (which is where bettman would love to see it). Besides the nhlpa represents all the players.
are you sure stars dont sell tickets? i think when crosby or ovechkin come to town the home team sells the most tickets. if carolina or anaheim or tampa just won the cup they dont tend to be huge draws. we are an ok draw cause we are an origional 6 team, but its usually the very best superstars that seem to be the very best draws as far as selling tickets... selling merchandise

in basketball the big tv numbers come when shaq matches up against kobe or jordon faces off against bird or johnson

in football we all jones over the battle of the marquee quarterbacks.

winning does also sell more tickets... more merchanidise thats true. but theres only 1 team that wins out of 30 each year. There could be 30 out of 30 teams that have a superstar if the superstar is properly marketed.

at the end of the day... pro sports leagues have decided over the years that superstars are the way to make money. movies decided the same thing. tv decided the same thing. books...

a big name that the public knows and wants to see will sell tickets more assuredly then an unknown project will even if that unknown project is a quality project

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