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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
So the demographics changed. Big deal. Maybe people just aren't interested or the Argos need to market better. Or do you base being a good sports on just the CFL, which is ridiculous. Time for Toronto CFL fans to stop whining and recruit fans rather hen denigrate things that have more $$$$. You must be a hispter from NYC.

New York
San Francisco - San Jose.

It's about more then support. Toronto is average. It's not great, it's also not nearly as bad as llb is saying.
The thing is, if those cities teams had the success of Toronto's teams right now, would the crowds be and as big and as enthusiastic?

Try to find a city anywhere with as many bad teams as Toronto has right now. They are #1 in that regards. Given that, I think the city's support is pretty good.
The worst city easily is Atlanta imo. They've had crappy support in every major sport even with winning teams.

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