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11-11-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Yeah pretty much.

Hey DC, what did you think about all the humor injected into it? I was not expecting as many jokes as there were, and was definitely not expecting to laugh at most of them. I'm not a huge Bond fan, but I didn't think there were a lot of funny moments in the other movies.
I liked the humor in that it served as a tie in (along with a ton of other stuff that happened (I won't spoil it for people)) to the old bond movies, all the bonds up until the Daniel Craig bonds had some humor in them (some more than others, Roger Moore's movies always seemed to have more humor than the rest). So I liked that they were able to bridge that gap without seeming forced and trying too hard. The humor flowed naturally and was very 'bond-like' to me. Some of the Brosnan movies had some pretty groan inducing humor..

Also loved Javier Bardem, just a great villain.
And that final scene where Bond walks in, nearly got goosebumps there from my fanboyism. I also enjoyed the poke at Goldeneye with the exploding pen.
Also my god this film had some gorgeous scenes, I could've had that shanghai building scene last for 3 hours, suuuch a cool looking scene.

On another note the main issue I had with this movie is it pretty much killed my favorite fan theory, that James Bond is not one single person, but a code name they can apply to different secret agents as they come and go. This movie gives way more backstory to Bond than we've really known, and most of that pretty well squashes that idea (unless you want to get really conspiracy theorist there).

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