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11-11-2012, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post

Mercer is of course a warehouse style rustic bar experience. Its supposed to offer casual comfort and relaxed atmosphere in its confines. What it delivers instead is stress the moment you set foot in the door, pretentious judging on the part of flighty wait staff who are anything but friendly, and who spend most of the night ignoring all customers until a Brad Pitt walks in the room.

Then the facility blares music in an ambient atmosphere who's best play is as a speakeasy type relaxed bar.

Mercer has no idea what its trying to be. I suspect somebody will eventually lease out this space and run it much better.
Originally Posted by pancirios View Post
Only go to Mercer if you are okay with being crowded and standing, also found the music was even louder than most bars (which is saying something since all bars blast music). Really didn't like it there. To me a pub/tavern is more of a casual chill place and this was the opposite.
This X1000. I took the gf there a few weeks back and we left saying that the place was a total missed opportunity. It's an awesome building and they had a chance to do something amazing and unique for that part of Edmonton, but they just turned it into another Joey's or Earl's; too skinny waitresses and average food at a premium price.

I also agree with your music comment pancirios - this is always a pet peeve of mine. Decide whether you're going to be a pub or a nightclub - don't try to be both.

I would add that a place like On the Rocks has a bit of an older crowd. Sherlock Holmes/Rose and Crown/Moriarty's (all owned by the same people) would fit the bill. I also tried the new Kelly's Pub on 104th street the other day (across from Blue Plate) and the food was pretty good, although they still have some wrinkles with their service.

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