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11-11-2012, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Vikke View Post
I don't think the IIHF has any reason to suspend them.
The NHL is not affiliated with the IIHF. The KHL is. There is no transfer agreement between the leagues, just a simple MOU which would be terminated instantly if the KHL could get Ovechkin or a similar player to stay.
Somehow I doubt the IIHF would interfere actually.
you don't see why the iihf would interfere?

so lets say that the khl takes just ovechkin and kovalchuck nobody else, the rest of the nhl players stay in the nhl.

good luck selling hockey tickets for any game outside of russian tickets at the next olympics. because canada won't be sending there best players, the americans won't be sending there best players, the czechs won't be sending there best players, the sweds won't be sending there best players, even germany would become even worse then they are because they have no nhl players to boost the team up.

it is pretty silly to think the iihf wouldn't step in to stop this knowing the back lash that the nhl would do to them.

even if the nhl says in the new cba that they are willing to stop play for those 2 weeks for the olympics, they will scratch that so fast and the olympic hockey tournament will becoming nothing more then the spengler cup.

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