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11-11-2012, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
If I was an Owner I would pull out of Hockey, It's the biggest joke Of the major sports.

I mean EPL and MLS are catching the NHL in America. That is sad, Soccer ? really ? One of those leagues is not even in America.

There is simply no money to be made in Hockey. Especially with all these labor stops(both sides fault).

I mean really , does anyone care (casual person) hockey is not being played right now ?

My friends sure didn't notice, there response was "O that league is going to lose another season ?"

But even those friends can name me the captain of Manchester United. They don't even know who Sidney Crosby is.

Hockey is a joke, These labor stops are not helping. And most importantly casual sports people, really don't care.
I don't think what is going on in the NHL at this moment has anything to do with the current lockout, but I think AEG executives can recognize a bubble when they see one. The value of NHL franchises may be a good example. I think it would be foolish for someone to buy one at today's prices with a better than 50/50 chance that your franchise will not generate an operating profit.

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