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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
This is just another cheap article to rip into Toronto so they can get more hits.

Honestly, people think the Toronto media are still homers for the Leafs? All they do is rip into them the city and team. (And yes, the team does deserve it, but if they were Leaf homers they'd defend them more.)

You're calling a city that has the most impressive attendance and loyal following in NHL history, and maybe sports history, not a hockey city and using suburban failures as "Proof" it's not a hockey city. Laughable, embarrasing argument.

The last THN article I read said Toronto desperately needed to buy-out players for cap space. They have the best cap situation going into net summer.

Bash Toronto=get more attention.
A few days ago I believe it was Sportsnet who did a feature on the last time a Toronto based sports teams won a Playoff game in the city. Anyway they mentioned the dates the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors and Argonauts last won home Playoff dates and this thought came to me. Do they not remember only a couple of months ago the Toronto Marlies making it all the way to the AHL Calder Cup Finals or the Toronto Rock last winning the NLL Championship in 2011 at the Air Canada Centre, which was never mentioned. Now maybe the AHL and NLL don't count in their opinion as the main sports in the city but those were still Playoff wins in the city of Toronto and were not even mentioned.

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