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11-11-2012, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
In 2002-2003 the Coyotes were nobodies but midtable compared to the league and they had 13.2k fans in average attendance.

2003-2004 they had a worse record and managed to move up to #19 with 15.5k fans avg a game.


2009 NHL buys Phoenix, Wayne Gretzky resigns as coach.


IMMEDIATELY the next season the Coyotes win the division. They win 50 games out of 82... wow. And the attendance DROPS LIKE NO OTHER!

The Coyotes get bought out by the league... Not that Gretzky was a good coach lol, or great or w.e.. but new one comes in and they improve their home 10 fold.

50 wins... and there attendance drops like never before! They go from 14k to 12k!

Last season Pheonix showed for a 3rd straight season its consistency and exciting play but attendance never went above 12.5 avg.
I agree with the sentiment that follows

Originally Posted by pondnorth View Post
Those attendance figures are bogus according to Judge Buam numbers at the bankrupcy hearings.Inflated to get max revenue sharing.Also its not tickets sold,its tickets distributed.
Inflated numbers are the issue here, the public numbers were inflated even more to create a sense of urgency too get in the house before it sold out! The team used a strategy on Ticketmaster of only having 2-3k tickets showing as available to enhance the impression of scarcity, then would release new rows as the supply "appeared" to dry up.

The numbers in the BK were pumped up by comps that were never used to maximize rev. sharing, the attendance appeared to drop as a result (partially) of fewer comps being issued by the new 29 headed ownership group.

Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
When this does end I'm going to have to find a new entertainment option for my time on the elliptical machine. Who am I kidding? I hope this never ends.
You could string beads together into various items as a value adding exercise for your kiosk. I could go for a nice houseplant hanger like this one, I'd even go so far as to put a cactus in to to remember this whole affair by.

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