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11-11-2012, 11:58 AM
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Hey all, I'm hoping someone will be able to help Mr understand what are apparently some of the finer points of this lock out.

We've all heard a multitude of players say things along the lines of, "We understand it is going to be give and take. We understand we are going to have to give, and give a lot."

So many have said, "we understand that this is headed to fifty, fifty. That's the industry trend and we get that. We just feel the owner's need to honor the contracts they signed"

We've heard Don Fehr claim that the NHL's projected 5% growth is ridiculous and that the NHLPA has to assume at least 8%.

Then I see this:

NHLPA offer 5M 5M 5M 5M 5M
NHL offer with 7 % growth 4.69M 5.32M 5M 5M 5M
NHL offer with 5 % growth 4.6M 5.24M 5.17M 5M 5M
NHL offer with 3 % growth 4.51M 5.05M 4.95M 4.93M 5M
NHL offer with 1 % growth 4.43M 4.88M 4.68M 4.56M 4.6M
NHL offer with 0 % growth 4.38M 4.79M 4.55M 4.38M 4.38M

So what exactly are these guys talking about? Seriously, what the ****? Are they that concerned about contract length limitations, and measures against cap circumventing? Do they honestly give a rat's ass about ELCs?

Why aren't they in training camp?

I'm obviously missing a huge piece of this equation.

Hasn't the NHL given the players EXACTLY what they've asked for? Existing contracts honored, and a soft landing to 50/50. What the Hell, man?

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