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Originally Posted by cam042686 View Post
I think you may be forgetting that Boston had 2 of the best ever defensive forwards in Derek Sanderson and Ed Westfall. Don Marcotte was also pretty good. The Oilers had nobody who could play defense like these guys. The Bruins also had a nasty edge to them that the Oilers lacked. Ted Green, Wayne Cashman, Derek Sanderson were very good players - and as nasty as anyone that has ever played. If messier and/or Anderson tried some of their cheap stuff someone like Sanderson would have handed their heads to them.

Bruins in 6. The Oilers defense would have been swamped by the Bruins. They never faced a team with 2 lines as good as Bostons and a 3rd line that was not only great defensively - but very dangerous offensively as well. And we have not even touched on a certain Mr. Orr yet.

Craig Wallace
No offense to Mr. Sanderson but Anderson and Messier survived and thrived in the height of the Battle of Alberta, so I doubt there's much even the big, bad Bruins can throw at them that would slow them down.

And the 1986 Oilers had McSorley AND Semenko on the roster. I'm not sure dragging that game down into the alley would be a good strategy for Boston.

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