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Originally Posted by Isbrant View Post
We used "walking Wings" to hold the kids up when we were teaching them to skate.

It really saved on our backs. It also was easier to help them find their balance as they were not holding on to something. To start with I would recommend just getting him to stand. Once he can stand get him to take little steps. If little steps is too hard, just get him to move one foot.

When they are getting tired of standing, I skate with them in my arms or hold them up with the walking wing straps and get them to point their feet out in front while I am skating. I hold most of thier weight but have a little weight on their legs so they can stear.

I have the straps on my wrists and try to never let them fall onto the ice untill they can actually do some movement on their own. One hard fall can set them back a lot.

Make sure it is fun for them or they will not want to do it.
THanks a lot I will check that out.

Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
One tip I've figured out, my kid gets very dismayed about falling, even if he doesn't end up with an owie. But it's inevitable that at some point they will take a tumble.

So every time we're on the ice at the rink, I've started to make it a habit of doing a few "ohh no, I'm falling!" tumbles to the ice to demo that it's okay to fall down and get back up again. When he does fall, he isn't as mentally shaken and sometimes even laughs about it. He's also more willing to try more things because he's not as afraid of falling down.

Picked up some knee/elbow pads (in addition to a manditory helmet) for the kid so he isn't as likely to get hurt.

I also wear a pair of volleyball kneepads under my jeans to protect my old bones from the pretend falls and when I need to down on a knee to help him. But that's just me being an old wuss.
That's what I was thinking too, when he fell I would just fall too. Not quite ready for that yet.

He got a lot better the last few times we went. He's starting to catch on. He hated the little helpers (made from PVC), but last couple times he's hanging on and pushing them. And when I hold him now he'll walk. He's had enough in about 15 seconds, but it's a good start.

He also loves the zamboni now and can't wait to see it when we go.

THanks for all the help.

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