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11-11-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by mstad101 View Post
Did you even read my post on the type of playmaking winger me and probably more Ncks fans agree with?
Yes, I read your theory than Canucks fans will arbitrarily agree with because they do not like acknowledging that players like Macarthur might actually be useful. But to be frank, it seems like you're being very picky. The Canucks already don't have a lot of trading partners as it is, to say, 'Oh we want a playmaking winger and ONLY a right handed one' you're limiting yourself even more. The only player I can think of on teams that are in the market for Luongo that might fit that criteria is Kris Versteeg, and I'm not so sure the Panthers would be willing to part with him considering they have Markstrom who will be NHL ready long before Luongo's contract runs out. If you guys don't want to trade Luongo, fine, but here on the trades board the point is to speculate possible trades, and when you make ridiculously specific criteria like this, it really handcuffs the discussion. The fact is, if Luongo is to be traded I don't think Vancouver will just be able to say, "Okay, we want this, this and this and they have to be EXACTLY as specified," that's just not the way trading in the NHL works.

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