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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
Beasly....His resignation might not have been entirely voluntary, given what we know now.
... some of us certainly speculated on the reasons behind his "retirement" at 55, not uncommon but none the less "peculiar" in doing so when clearly the city was/is in a God awful state of affairs, from Camelback to the Coyotes & all points in between. Classic examples of absolute municipal corruption; awarding $300,000+ contracts in increments of less than $50,000 in order to skirt the rules & guidelines of oversight & open tender; raiding the pension fund, moving money around in unauthorised transactions like the city was his own giant ATM.

Youd have thought there would have been some "concern", one would hope "pride" that as the COG's quarterback he'd have stuck through thick & thin. Fought back from the one yard line with a ground game instead of continuing to get sack & clobbered with his failed Hail Marys'. Shown some grit & character, integrity. Instead, he just walks off the field to a waiting near on $200,000 per annum pension plan, hang's up a "Consultant" shingle, sits back & watches his playbook unravel.

Now, you'd think someone who pulled stuff like this would want to stick around to try & fix things before being completely exposed no? If deliberate & conscious criminal activity, socked away enough cash & bought themselves a hacienda in Columbia or in whatever other jurisdiction that doesnt have an extradition treaty with the United States of America yes? Like, better get the Hell outta Dodge before the **** really hits the fan.

Originally Posted by Thomas L View Post
Just guessing here, but the changes to early retirement benefits for which the city was fined were probably advantageous to him?
... I would think so, and certainly they were to the former Human Resource Manager who 6 months before her full pension benefits were to kick in, she & her family relocated out of state, tendered her resignation. Beasley instead coaching & facilitating that she continue on in a full time capacity working remotely for the next 6 months so that she would be eligible to collect the maximum amounts permitted.

.... should also be noted TL that you foretold this, the possibility of the city being unable to fund its pension commitments precipitating muni BK. In light of what Beasley pulled here, that Clark blithely dismissed as "nit picky" in the audit, your prognostication may just yet become a reality. That monies gotta be replaced and fast. Even with the tax increase absent any AMF to a buyer they are in one Momma Jomma of a mess thanks to Beasley's miscreant behaviour, and you know what?, just the tip of the iceburg. I shudder to think what a full audits going to reveal.

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