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Originally Posted by livewell68 View Post
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that when in his prime, Jagr never had teams remotely as good as any of the teams that Fedorov or Forsberg played on. Jagr's PPG in the playoffs is better than Fedorov. BTW Jagr's 2nd Stanley Cup win is a result of him having as equal a performance as any that Fedorov has had in the playoffs.

How many Hall of Fame caliber players did Fedorov play with during those playoff runs? Yzerman? Check... Lidstrom? Check.... Shanahan? Check.... Hull? Check

Give Jagr a team that deep in his prime and I bet the entire sink that Jagr doesn't have a similar run as Malkin or Leetch had.

As for this best on best tournament argument... the same again. The Czechs although had great success, were far weaker on paper than any of the great hockey nations; Russia, Canada, Sweden, Finland and USA.

In 1998 when Jagr helped the Czechs to the Gold at the Nagano games, he completely bought into the defense first philosophy of the Czechs and proved instrumental in them winning. Jagr also grew up playing in the Czech Republic, the ice surfaces in that country aren't Olympic size like it is in Russia. The Russians were tailored to excel Internationally. They had Larianov, Bure (who is basically far better than Fedorov Internationally), they had Mogilny, Constantinov, Zubov... just to name a few.

Fedorov didn't play this great defensive game Internationally as you claim BTW... The Russians were trying to blow teams in the round robin games. The Czechs on the other hand (specifically Nagano) were playing the tightest game defensively. Jagr was in fact playing a great two-way game in the Olympics and World Championships.

The Czechs were basically Jagr, Hasek and a bunch of good role players (outside of Elias in later years) basically while Russia was a who's who of International superstars. The Russian in the last 20 years have basically choked on far more occasions than they have succeeded while the Czechs have usually performed better than excepted minus the occasion when they lost the World Championships on home ice.
OMG LOL Funniest post I've read so far! You really are pulling almost everything from air.

You obviously never watched team Russia play in the day, because Mogilny only played in 1996, Bure in 1998 and 2002 (with a Broken Hand) and Konstantinov never played in the Olympics or World Cup. So were you lying or misinformed?

Russia was missing half their team in 1998 because of the coaching problem Mogilny, Larionov, Fetisov, Khabibulin, Kozlov, Zubov etc, etc declined to play, Konstantinov's injury.. you never watched them obviously

Feds had better lines mates, so funny haha I think you mean Fedorov was the Better International Player - Game Over

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